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Ryan Property Law has gained a strong reputation for providing clear and easy-to-understand costs information.

We offer a fixed fee service and will be happy to provide a free, no obligation personal quotation tailored to your own individual transaction. Every case at Ryan Property Law is dealt with by one of our seven lawyers; four of whom are partners of the firm, one of whom is an experienced solicitor and the remaining two being Associates of the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives. Your transaction will be allocated according to complexity and each lawyer's capacity at the time of your instruction.


Residential Property Charges

On any conveyancing transaction, the charges you pay are broken down into three specific parts:


Conveyancing Costs

Our charges are based on the value of the property and any anticipated complexity that we become aware of (for example, where the property is newbuild, leasehold or shared ownership).

For example, a straightforward freehold residential sale transaction for a price up to £200,000 should result in a fee of around £550 to £825 plus VAT. A higher value property in the region of £500,000 should result in a fee of around £650 to £975 plus VAT.

A straightforward freehold residential purchase transaction for a price up to £200,000 should result in a fee of around £600 to £875 plus VAT. A higher value property in the region of £500,000 should result in a fee of around £800 to £1,150 plus VAT.

Remortgages should cost in the region of £425 to £575 plus VAT. Where a remortgage also involves a change in the ownership of the property (for example, adding a person to the mortgage or removing someone), the fee is likely to be in the region of £525 to £675 plus VAT.

In addition, the conveyancing process usually requires same-day bank transfer payments to be made on your behalf, such as to pay the purchase price to the seller’s solicitors or to repay an existing mortgage on completion. We charge a fee of £28 plus VAT for each occasion on which a same-day payment is required, which reflects the administration involved and also covers the bank charges incurred by us in making such a payment on your behalf.

In some cases, additional charges may apply and further information on this is detailed in the sections below.



On a sale transaction, charges are usually limited to obtaining documentation from Land Registry, which can range from £6 on a straightforward freehold property to £30 on a more complicated leasehold property.

On a purchase transaction, search fees vary between each local authority. For example, in Leeds or Wakefield, the cost of a local authority, drainage and water and a Coal Authority search will be in the region of £175, whereas in Bradford or Calderdale, the same searches cost around £245. On commercial transactions, the cost of searches can be significantly higher and you should contact us for a bespoke quotation.

In addition, on purchase and remortgage transactions, fees are payable to the Land Registry to carry out a final check on the deeds just before completion (usually ranging from £3 to £15) and also to register the new purchase and / or mortgage. For example, to register a purchase at £150,000 will usually cost £95, whereas a purchase at £350,000 will ordinarily cost £135.


Stamp Duty Land Tax

The calculation of Stamp Duty Land Tax is complicated and is dependent upon a number of factors, by reference to the following table. In most cases, we can confirm the applicable figure to you from the outset of the transaction but in more complicated cases, you may need to obtain specialist tax advice. The information below shows the rates that apply from 23 September 2022: 

Purchase price

SDLT Payable

(all owners own one property or

are selling their main residence)

SDLT Payable

(for any ‘additional’

residential property)

SDLT Payable

(all purchasers are

“first time buyers”)*

The part which is under £250,000




The part between £250,001 and £425,000




The part between £425,001 and £925,000




The part between £925,001 and £1,500,000




The part that is £1,500,001 and above




*this rate can only be used where the purchase price is £600,000 or less


When might you be charged more for the work that we do?

We can assure you that, only in rare cases will the level of our charges be varied from the level set out in our initial letter. This may occur in instances where the transaction takes much longer than anticipated or where the form of any proposed documentation requires drafting or substantial amendment by the firm (additional documentation may, for example, be in the form of a Statutory Declaration or a Deed of Trust between the owners).

In order to keep our pricing structure competitive, you should be aware that the following matters are common reasons where additional charges may apply:

You should be aware that, if for any reason your transaction does not proceed, we must also reserve the right to charge a proportion of our fee to reflect the time we have spent on the matter (this will be based on a percentage of the total work carried out at the point at which the transaction does not proceed), in addition to which you will also remain liable for any disbursements that have been incurred.

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The Law Society's Conveyancing Quality Scheme (CQS) provides a quality standard mark for lawyers in residential conveyancing is also recognised by many mortgage lenders. We were one of the first firms in West Yorkshire to be awarded the accreditation.