Assents (Changing the Names on the Deeds Following a Death)

When a person passes away, their property is often left by will to that person's relatives or (where no will has been made) through special legal rules that apply, called the Intestacy Rules.

In some cases, the executors appointed to deal with the deceased's property will need to make arrangements to sell that property. We can help you to deal with any sale and if you require further information, please call us or see our section relating to selling property .

However, if the property is not to be sold, it may be transferred to the beneficiaries who are entitled to it under the will or Intestacy Rules. This is known as an “Assent”. In itself, this is quite a straightforward process and we can make arrangements to draw up the paperwork require to transfer the property

As with all of our legal services, we offer – at no extra charge – an appointment in our offices with one of our partners to go through all of the paperwork or, where it's more convenient for you, we can complete the process via post and telephone.

We will also deal with registering the beneficiary as the new legal owner at the Land Registry. In some cases, such as where the deceased has owned the property for a long time, the property will not be registered at the Land Registry and therefore we will make arrangements to have the deeds and documents registered for you.

Please feel free to call us on 0113 236 2334 to discuss your needs or email us for a quote. We are happy to give you initial advice to help you understand the implications, the procedure and best course of action, before you decide how to proceed.